Alice Letourneur



I'm Alice, 26 years old and living in London, UK.

In 2016, I decided to start a life-long learning journey to master the skills required to become an awesome Full-Stack Developer.

This portfolio represents the projects I have been working on while learning more about Front-end development as well as Back-end development.

Illustration Front-End Developer workstation
Illustration project number 1

Build My Portfolio Site

I have used HTML5 and CSS3 to develop a responsive website to display the portfolio projects I will build!

Illustration project number 2

Interactive Online Resume

I have used JavaScript and jQuery to showcase my skills by building an interactive resume.

Illustration project number 3

Classic Arcade Game

I created an HTML5 Canvas powered video game, developed using the best practices in Object Oriented JavaScript.

Illustration project number 4

Website optimisation

Optimized an inefficient web application's JavaScript, CSS and assets delivery, ensuring it runs at 60fps and achieves a PageSpeed score of at least 90.

Illustration project number 5

Your next stop for a coffee in London

A single-page web application, built using the Knockout framework, that displays a Google Map of an area and various points of interest.

Illustration project number 6

Feed reader testing

I wrote comprehensive unit tests, using the Jasmine testing framework, for an RSS Feed Reader application that uses Google's RSS API.

Illustration project number 7

Comments app

This is my first Ruby on Rails app hosted on heroku.

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